Harvestone Group, and its affiliated companies, is a global commodity merchant focused in the biofuels sector. We deploy capital in physical and financial commodity markets to create and unlock long term value for our customers and shareholders. By designing innovative service offerings and investing in strategic infrastructure, we help build bridges and cement alliances between producers and end users, ultimately driving the supply chain to operate more efficiently. We do this by leveraging our strategic backing with our leading market research, logistics, and trading capabilities to create efficiencies and in return, capture attractive risk adjusted returns across the sector. We transact across the supply chain to include production, marketing, storing, distributing, and trading as well as invest in physical assets that create meaningful long-term value.    


Marketing Services

Align with strategic producers to aggregate and distribute biofuels to end users with a focus on value creation through marketing and offtake agreements. 

Merchant Trading

Leverage intellectual, relational and financial capital to generate profit by deploying risk capital to help reduce inefficiencies across the supply chain. 

Asset Optimization

Develop, invest in and optimize infrastructure across the supply chain that is complementary to our core merchant capabilities.



A community of producers and commodity professionals representing over 1.0B gallons of production, brought together with a passion for the industry, a track record of results and a desire for change. Together with our owners and Board of Advisors, the Harvestone Group brings together over two centuries worth of commodity experiences from some of the most prominent and successful commodity trading firms and hedge funds. The leadership team combines for more than seventy years of direct experience in the biofuels sector, with a history of developing, operating and successfully monetizing large-scale commodity logistics and trading businesses. 

As a commodity merchant, our long term success is predicated heavily on our people, our character, and our capabilities… Given this dynamic, our principals matter... 


Always focus on how we can create & capture the greatest long-term value


Create, acquire & share knowledge while measuring & tracking results


Ensure people with the right character & capabilities are hired & retained

Decision Rights

Hire the right people, put them in the right roles & hold each other accountable


Encourage constant evolution, always striving for excellence


Align interests & reward according to value created for the organization


Our Approach

As a veteran team in biofuels, we put our industry experience and know-how to work at the forefront of our industry to create value for all stakeholders. We combine our experiences with leading market research, logistics and trading capabilities across the entire supply chain, from origination to end user delivery, to forge long lasting relationships and create meaningful value in the sector. 


Our approach is centered around three core pillars:

ROBUST Market Research

Fundamental research is at the heart of everything we do. We combine this with cutting edge data driven modeling to formulate the best possible risk/reward decision making across the supply chain.

Disciplined Risk Management

Disciplined risk management is at the core of our success. We identify, measure, monitor and manage risk across market, credit, counterparty and liquidity to be sure we can appropriately pursue attractive market opportunities.   

Aligned Governance Structure

We focus on building and sustaining a strong and aligned governance structure, from our investors, to our Advisory Board, to our Risk Committee. We operate with complete transparency, trust and integrity.


Work With Us

At Harvestone, it’s all about the team. Our goal is to combine IQ and EQ with a strong work ethic to create a constantly evolving organization. We strive to put the right people in the right roles and work together to hold each other accountable. Trust and collaboration are keys to our success as we work together to solve problems for our partners and challenge the status quo. We would love to hear how we can help you.


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